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Washer & Dryer Fastener

SKU: STP-201-20

  • A MUST have for all appliances connected to gas or water!

  • Our fasteners prevent movement during earthquake activity.

  • Peel and stick adhesive fasteners allow for simple installation.

  • Easily disengaged for cleaning or servicing of equipment.


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A MUST for all appliances connected to gas or water. Prevents movement during a earthquake. Peel and stick fasteners allow for easy installation and remove for cleaning or servicing. Designed by SAFE-T-PROOF. Includes: (2) 2" x 3" SAFE-T-PROOF Fasteners; (2) 3M Adhesive Pads; (2) 18" Long STP 1" Straps; (2) Wood Wall Screws; (2) Washers; (2) Alcohol Wipe Pads

Details & Instructions

SKU STP-201-20
Product PDFs:

Washer / Dryer : Detail IllustrationsSTP 201 Fastener : Installation Instructions