FAQ and Return Policy

Where can I find your ICC report?
You can find our ICC report at 2022 ESR-4167. You can also find it under “Downloads” in the product description of our ICC-ESR-4167 Laboratory Equipment Anchorage Kit (Wall Anchorage).

Does SAFE-T-PROOF™ do installations?
We do! We have a team of expert installers who have spent decades installing in Fortune 50 Companies all over California. Please reach out to Anna at amkrtchyan@etcusa.net or call 800-377-8888.

Can I fasten my entire home with SAFE-T-PROOF™ products?
Most of the items in your home can be fastened with SAFE-T-PROOF™ products. On our website we have methods for fastening items as small as toasters and cabinet doors and as large as refrigerators and stacked washer-dryer units. We also provide a Residential & Commercial Bracing Guide which will help you understand what may need to be fastened if you live in earthquake country.

How do I know what items to fasten in my business?
We have a Residential & Commercial Bracing Guide. If you are a facility manager, you should consider looking at our Facilities Bracing Guide.
A good place to start is with our Small Business Earthquake Protection Kit which is a lot of fastening bang for your buck!
We also do in-person or virtual assessments. If you’re interested, reach out to Anna at amkrtchyan@etcusa.net or call 800-377-8888.

How long will your product last on my furniture/unit?
When it is installed correctly, it will last a very long time! Typically, this concern comes from our use of adhesive based fasteners. However, this is not the glue or tape you used in art class. Originally created to hold large panes of glass into skyscrapers, this viscoelastic adhesive is highly engineered and tested 3M™ VHB™ Tape. 3M™ Company, with which we work closely, has done temperature, UV, aging and pull testing, and more on their product and found the bond actually gets stronger overtime. We are confident that our product will last many earthquakes if applied correctly.

Won’t the adhesive pad fall off?
Not if applied correctly and on the right surfaces! (Watch our installation How-To videos here.)
Make sure to follow all installation instructions which can be found in the “Download” section of the product description on your products page: Installation Instruction 1 and Installation Instructions 2.
Some common surfaces which fasteners work well on include but is not limited to: steel, aluminum, glass, and most furniture veneers and painted woods. For more information: Applying 3M™ VHB™ Tapes | 3M™

Can I get my order overnight?
Many of SAFE-T-PROOF™’s products are assembled and packaged to order. For this reason, we cannot guarantee UPS Next Day Air® or UPS Next Day Air® Early for orders made after 12pm PST. Though we will often get them out to UPS by the end of the business day allowing for next day delivery, this may not be possible due to the size and complexity of the order or the quantity of other shipments being made that day. We appreciate your understanding and please feel free to reach out with any questions.

How do I apply the fastener on my unit?
At the bottom of the description on your product page there are links with PDF Installation Instructions and links to videos relevant to installing your product. You can find all of our "How-To" installation videos here.

Return Policy

How do I return an item?
If you do not wish to keep the product(s) you have purchased, you may return most* items if it is within 30 days of the original delivery date.
• Start your return process within 30 days of receiving your item(s).
• Please reach out to Anna at amkrtchyan@etcusa.net or call 800-377-8888 to start your return process. Include your Order Number in the subject line of your email or have it ready when you call.
• All parts of the product(s) must be accounted for and in their original condition. We do not accept used or partially used products.
• We do not pay for return shipping and do charge a 25% restocking fee of the original order.
• Once the product(s) have been received at our facility, it may take up to a week for the refund process to be initiated. This is to give our warehouse fulfilment team time to inspect the parts for damages.

*ICC-ESR-4167 Laboratory Equipment Anchorage Kit returns cannot be accepted as the parts must be traceable through the AC-10 procedure.