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Mitchell “The Moose” Hooper burst onto the competitive strongman circuit and demolished the competition. He has won countless accolades and dazzled crowds with his physical strength. In 2023, he was crowned “World’s Strongest Man”. After that achievement, he decided he needed to take on the ultimate challenge: SAFE-T-PROOF™'s The Beast Fastener.

Watch the videos below and see how the strongest man in the world stacks up against our fasteners and Quake Cottage, our mobile earthquake simulator!

Truck Pull. Can The Moose pull the massive mobile earthquake simulator attached only by The Beast fasteners?

Dead-lift Challenge. The Moose takes on the Beast! Mano-a-fastener in a battle of strength!

Quaketini Challenge. The Moose takes on the Quaketini Challenge in the SAFE-T-PROOF™ earthquake simulator!

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