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A Guide To The Best Material For Earthquake Safety Fasteners

In areas prone to earthquakes, safeguarding our belongings by securing equipment, furniture and appliances is crucial for our safety. Earthquake safety fasteners play a pivotal role in preventing tipping, displacement, and potential hazards during temblors. Within the realm of earthquake safety fasteners, standout features include very-high bond (VHB) adhesive tapes and flexible, polymer-coated nylon, flat straps. These high-quality materials provide unparalleled strength and reliability.

This blog will explore the significance of these materials and demonstrate their superior performance. Whether you are seeking file cabinet anti-tip fasteners or comprehensive earthquake safety fastening products, understanding the benefits of ICC-reviewed SAFE-T-PROOF™ fasteners, VHB adhesive tapes and flexible straps will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Introduction to the ICC ESR-4167 Certification for Earthquake Fasteners

Assuring earthquake safety fasteners are reliable and effective is critical, and one key indicator of that reliability is that the product has received an International Code Council Evaluation Report (ICC ESR). One example of this is ICC ESR-4167, which is the first evaluation ever created for an adhesive-based earthquake safety fastener.

The ICC ESR-4167 certification means that the materials in use and the method of fastening have been reviewed by multiple structural engineers. This designation assures that the products tested have undergone stringent testing to meet strict performance and safety standards. Specific benchmarks were established before testing to evaluate the performance of the fasteners with regards not only to specific holding capacity, but also criteria such as exposure to humidity, ultra-violet light and aging, or performance in the long run.

Not only does the ingenious design of SAFE-T-PROOF ™ fasteners take into account seismic motion in all directions, their elegant look and ease of installation make choosing the SAFE-T-PROOF™ the best option for securing items.

SAFE-T-PROOF™ earthquake fasteners have received this certification and are therefore often preferred by structural engineers when creating plan sets.

The Use of VHB Adhesive Tapes in Earthquake Safety Fastening Products

When it comes to protecting equipment, furniture and appliances from damage caused by earthquakes, fastening products play a vital role. One material that stands out in terms of reliability and strength is VHB adhesive tape. And while there are dozens of VHB adhesive tapes to choose from, not all of them are alike. The VHB used by SAFE-T-PROOF™ has properties that demonstrate exceeding effectiveness and offer many advantages that contribute to its superior performance during earthquakes.

First and foremost, it’s exceptional bonding abilities create a secure and long-term attachment to a wide variety surface (substrates). This decreases the risk of equipment, furniture and appliances toppling over during an earthquake. Furthermore, this adhesive offers exceptional temperature variability resistance; thus, making it effective even in extreme conditions, and allowing it to maintain adhesion over time despite earthquake activity.

Additionally, the VHB adhesive tape used by SAFE-T-PROOF™ has what engineers call a “high strain rate”. This means that when the adhesive tape is subjected to a sharp tug, like the kind of force common to earthquakes, its holding capacity is even stronger. This makes the VHB adhesive tape used by SAFE-T-PROOF™ ideal for earthquake damage mitigation purposes.

By selecting fastening products incorporating this type of VHB adhesive tape, you can have confidence in their ability to withstand earthquake forces and protect lives and your belongings accordingly.


The use of Flexible Straps in Earthquake Safety Fasteners

Another material that stands out for its exceptional strength and versatility is polymer-coated, nylon strapping. These flat straps, made of durable and flexible materials, provide an exceptional means of securing equipment, furniture, and appliances during earthquakes.

One of the key benefits of polymer-coated, nylon strapping is their high tensile strength. This means they can withstand the significant forces exerted during earthquakes, minimizing the risk of toppling or displacement. The flexibility of the straps allows them to adapt to various shapes and sizes of furniture, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Ease of installation and adjustment is another advantage of the straps incorporated in SAFE-T-PROOF™ fastening systems. Their user-friendly design, with adjustable slotted holes, allows for straightforward installation, making them ideal for people seeking reliable earthquake safety solutions.

Moreover, the surface of these straps prohibits mold growth, allowing for easy cleaning and thus providing the perfect solution for kitchen, laboratory and clean room fastening projects. Additionally, because of the strap material used, SAFE-T-PROOF™ earthquake fastening systems continually maintain their structural integrity, eliminating slippage or loosening over time, thereby providing long-lasting protection.

Final thoughts on Earthquake Safety Straps

When selecting materials for earthquake safety fasteners, considering International Code Council evaluations, such as ICC ESR-4167 certification, as well as VHB adhesive tape and polymer-coated, nylon straps is paramount. The ICC ESR-4167 certification confirms that products used have passed stringent testing, thus meeting strict safety standards. VHB adhesive tape offers powerful adhesion and temperature resistance while polymer-coated, nylon straps offer strength, flexibility, and ease of installation. SAFE-T-PROOF™ combines these materials into reliable and effective earthquake safety fastening products.

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