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Joan Rivers, Anderson Cooper, The Rock, and a dinosaur. What do they all have in common? They’ve all taken a ride on the Quake Cottage™

Described by experts as the most realistic earthquake simulation device in the world, the Quake Cottage™, in its various incarnations, has been educating people all over the world for more than thirty. years about two key components of earthquake safety. First, the Quake Cottage™ replicates the expected intensity of large earthquakes. Secondly, it demonstrates the effectiveness and ease of securing building contents with the SAFE-T-PROOF™ earthquake fastening system.

Originally the brainchild of SAFE-T-PROOF ™ founder Michael Essrig, the Quake Cottage™ is a truly unique device. Most earthquake simulators and shake tables utilize a hydraulic system that tries to replicate specific earthquake ground movement. What is missing is typically the power, or force of an earthquake, a term called by scientists PGA, or “Peak Ground Acceleration”.

The Quake Cottage™ is not hydraulically driven and has been measured to accurately demonstrate forces of up to 2g, or two times gravity. Most earthquakes do not hit that high of a shaking intensity, but historically several of the most devastating ones have. As one media outlet said, “The Quake Cottage™ is not a ride, it’s the epicenter!”

A winner of the prestigious WSSPC (Western States Seismic Policy Council) “Product of the Year” award, the Quake Cottage™ has appeared on dozens of news and television shows. There are multiple simulators currently in action, from Indiana to Alaska and from Canada to Japan. Two Quake Cottage™ simulators are owned and operated by SAFE-T-PROOF ™ and are currently being utilized throughout California and in the Pacific Northwest. One of them is playing an essential role in the rollout of the new “MyShake” earthquake early warning phone app.

Teaming up with the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal-OES), the Quake Cottage™ operations team is crisscrossing the state, appearing at multiple preparedness events. The 2 nd Quake Cottage™ is an amazing machine, featuring an onboard “learning center”, seating eight people, and replicating two different environments for riders to choose from. Once on board, they get to experience thirty seconds of high intensity shaking and get to see how incredibly effecting seismic bracing with the SAFE-T-PROOF™ fastening system is.

This results in what is called “experiential education”, with riders getting to hear and feel what a large earthquake is truly like.

Looking For A Quake Cottage Near You?

The Quake Cottage™: A one-of-a-kind experience. Simply the best earthquake preparedness education there is.

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