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About Quake Cottage™

History: During a campaign to increase earthquake safety awareness, the Quake Cottage™ mobile earthquake simulator was developed and designed by Michael Essrig of SAFE-T-PROOF™. The goal was to experientially educate the public about the benefits of proactive disaster preparation, taking it to schools, corporate events, and public preparedness events.

The Quake Cottage™ demonstrates the need to proactively assess and secure various items in our homes, schools, and workplaces. Inside the Quake Cottage™, a simulated major earthquake illustrates the importance of using the best earthquake fasteners for cabinets, furniture, flat screen TVs, lab equipment, office equipment, refrigerators, cabinet doors, and a lot more.

Since its inception in 1994, there have been nine Quake Cottages™ built and used by states, municipalities and governmental agencies. Two are currently being used at US Naval Bases in Japan. One is used by the State of Alaska’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Another one is used in Utah. The Quake Cottage™ is a portable unit that simulates high intensity earthquakes, and seats three to four people.

Successful Public Outreach Tool: The Alaska DHS&EM’s Quake Cottage™ continues to be a successful vehicle to disseminate earthquake preparedness and tsunami awareness information. Although the focus of Quake Cottage™ is earthquake preparedness, tsunami materials are distributed to those visiting the Cottage. Major events for the Quake Cottage™ include: Alaska State Fair, Tanana Valley Fair, Elmendorf AFB Air Show, Kenai River Festival, and the Governor’s Picnic. In addition to these major events, the cottage made visits to numerous schools and businesses along the State’s road system. In general, DHS&EM personnel and the Quake Cottage™ visited over twenty sites and made direct contact with over 7,000 individuals in five months. Their efforts with the Cottage earned them the WSSPC Award in Excellence 2003 – “Outreach to General Public.”

The Quake Cottage™ is available for demonstrations at your facility or business and has appeared on numerous news, radio and television shows throughout the world.A partial listing of media coverage: Quake Cottage™ has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, KTTV, KTLA, KCOP, KRON, CNN, MSNBC, KIIS/FM with Rick Dees, the nationally-televised “Home and Family Show,” “Martin Short Show,” “Crook & Chase Show,” “The Today Show,” “NBC’s Dateline,” KTLA News’ Earthquake Special, and most recently, “Anderson Live,” and “Joan Rivers.”

To book Quake Cottage™ for your company’s preparedness event or for more information, please fill out our form, call 800-377-8888, or e-mail us at info@quakecottage.com.

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